What is a training plan?

Learn about training plans and when to use them.

What is a training plan?

A training plan is one of two ways to assign mandatory training to users through Ausmed. The other way is to manually assign it.

  • Training assigned through a training plan is automatically assigned to users according to the rules set out in the plan items. These rules specify what training to assign, who to assign it to, how often, and how long users have to complete it before they're considered non-compliant. A user must be enrolled in the training plan for these rules to apply.
  • All mandatory training, whether assigned automatically through a training plan, or manually, results in the creation of compliance requirements that count towards your organisation's compliance. Compliance requirements are requests to users to complete mandatory training by a due date, and contain information on who is required to complete the training, what they need to complete, and the timeline for this.

When should you assign learning via a training plan?

When you're thinking about whether to assign learning manually or automatically through a training plan, ask yourself whether it is mandatory or optional training and see which type of training plan suits your needs best: 

Mandatory (Compliance) Training Plan

If the learning you need to assign is mandatory training, you want it to count towards compliance and you need to assign it more than once, you should automatically assign it via a training Mandatory (Compliance) Training Plan.

Automatically assigning training saves you time and ensures that the right training is delivered to the right people, reducing the risk of error. 

Mandatory (Non Compliance) Training Plan

This training plan type is exactly the same as the above, as in the training plan is mandatory to complete however it won't count towards compliance. 

Think corporate training or leadership training; where you need to staff to complete the training but it shouldn't affect overall organisational compliance as a whole.

Optional Training Plan

This training plan type is not mandatory for completion and won't count towards compliance. 
The benefits will be that training will automatically be distributed amongst your staff according to the assignment rules - however completion of the learning will not be mandated and is optional to staff members.

How to assign learning via a training plan

To assign learning via a training plan, add the item to an existing plan, or create a new training plan if you would like to assign multiple items. 


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