Add a Survey

Learn how to add a Survey to Your Library

Surveys will let you hit the ground running when it comes to making decisions on your Organisational Learning. You'll be able to create custom surveys, and hear back directly from your workforce about what is and what could be improved in regards to their Learning.

As long as you have organisation manager permissions, you'll be able to add Surveys into your Ausmed LMS 'Your Library' section.


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How to add a Survey


  1. Go to Learning in the top navigation bar of the manager portal.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    1. From the left sidebar menu, go to Your Library, then click Add Item in the upper right.
    2. From the left sidebar menu, click the +Add button, then click Add Survey.
  3. Select a Survey Type

Tip: There are 4 survey types you can choose from:
Evaluation: Understand the effectiveness of an activity or initiative
Needs Assessment: Understand the effectiveness of an activity or initiative
Self Assessment : Assess knowledge, skill or practice in a particular area
Other: Ask any other types of questions you need to


4. Type in a Survey Title and Description

5. Click Add Survey 

    Let's add a questions!


       6. Select Add Section, and title your new section and click Save (eg. 'Survey Questions)

        7. Fill in your question as appropriate
          a) First by typing in the question to be answered
          b) Selecting the question type


        Depending on the question type, you may need to provide some answers for users to choose from (eg. multiple choice, checkbox questions)

    You can add more answers via the 'Add Options' button
    You can remove answers via the 'Bin' icon on the right next to an answer
    You can mark the question as optional or required via the 'Required' button on the bottom right.

    11. Click Save 

    12. Once you have saved your first question, you can click on 'Add New Question' to continue formulating your Survey

    Once you've added all your Survey questions, let's get ready to publish your Survey!