Access Ausmed's Policy Management System

Learn how to access Ausmed's Policy Management System.

In Ausmed for Organisations, policy management involves creating, maintaining, and ensuring compliance with your organisation’s policies. The Policy Management System, called "Policies", can be accessed from the top navigation bar when logged into the manager portal.

Who does this article apply to? 

  • Users whose organisation has purchased access to Ausmed's Policy Management System 
  • Users with organisation or team manager permissions.

In this article:

How to access the Policy Management System


  1. Log-in to the manager portal.
  2. From any page in Ausmed for Organisations, click Policies in the top menu navigation bar to access the Policy Management System.  

Note: As soon as you access the Policy Management System, you will land on your policies dashboard. To navigate to different parts of the system, click on the menu items on the left-hand side menu bar.


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